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How are we celebrating our 30th Golden Anniversary?


By celebrating you. We want to give back to our customers, our golden family, for standing with us for thirty golden years. It has been a constant stream of love and support from our customers, and we are forever grateful for your loyalty and positivity. That's why we created our very first Golden Customer Rewards Program, which include Golden Bucks Rewards and a Golden VIP Membership for our customers.


Definition of golden

gold•en (adjective) high degree of excellency

In case you think we insert the adjective 'golden' in front of every word simply for branding or marketing purposes, or just for the simple heck of it, let us remind you why we named our company Golden Tickets and why it has been the core of our company since fruition. In 1988, we wanted to be the best in what we were passionate about, but that did not just mean outperforming our competitors in sales. It also, and most importantly, meant outperforming our competitors in customer service. Ultimately, we wanted to outshine the ones who gave the ticketing industry a bad reputation by upholding a high standard in ethical and golden customer service, and in turn see our values spread within our industry. The experience should be a golden one when fans get the golden ticket to their once-in-a-lifetime event. Over the years, our 'Golden Guarantee' for a golden customer experience became our reputation and it earned us all of you, our Golden Family! You have added another meaning of "GOLDEN" to our "GOLDEN TICKETS" name, and that's the best 30th anniversary gift we could ask for!


What is a Golden Customer Rewards Program?

Our Golden Consumer Rewards Program is designed so that our customers are rewarded for their purchases with credits towards future purchases in the form of Golden Bucks (GB). For every dollar spent on our website, the customer earns a 5% credit in Golden Bucks. Customers can collect, track, and spend their Golden Bucks from their personal Golden Tickets account on the Golden Tickets official website.


For Golden VIP Members, we will be offering exclusive opportunities to earn a higher percentage for every dollar spent throughout various times of the year. We will also be giving out free Golden Bucks to thank you for being a Golden VIP member throughout the year!



When you purchase a $100 worth of tickets on our website, you will receive 5 Golden Bucks in your account after your purchase. You will be able to keep track of your Golden Bucks in "My Account" found at the bottom of our website's homepage, or on the payment page at checkout.

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